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Edmonton's Commercial Locksmith

Commercial businesses are at risk for a wide variety of potential locksmithing concerns:

  • Employees (sometimes owners too!) lose keys
  • Break Ins occur
  • Exiting employees forget to return keys

Just as you want to protect your home and belongings, you want to protect your business’ assets.

Fineline Locksmithing can help you mitigate risks by ensuring your commercial location is protected as well as it can be.

Retail Locksmith

Whether you’re installing locks before opening your new retail location’s doors for the first time,
or are seeking to upgrade to a keyless entry or master key system – Fineline Locksmithing can help!

Commercial Locksmithing Service Areas

Locksmith Commercial

Professional Offices

Fineline Offers Medical Clinic Locksmithing

Medical Practice

Restaurants & Eateries

Fineline Provides Locksmithing for Manufacturing Facilities and Warehouses


Fineline Provides Locksmithing for Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

Education Institutions

Fineline's Locksmithing Specialties

Complete Installation - Maintenance
Access Control
Master Key Systems

Security Consultation

Fineline Locksmithing provides an in-depth security consultation

We’ll assess your Commercial Property with you to identify potential security concerns.

And, provide suggestions to maximize security, efficiency and organization, while minimizing maintenance and upkeep costs.

Hardware Installations

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Whether you’re installing locks on your businesses doors for the first time, or are upgrading a long existing system,

Fineline Locksmithing can help.

Replacement Keys

Locksmiths can cut new keys, duplicate existing and create master keys

Whether it’s to re-gain access after broken or lost keys, or to have all of your locks open with a master key,

Fineline Locksmithing has the knowledge and tools to help you create keys with ease!

Master Key Systems

Master Key System

Master Key Systems help managers and owners stay organized.
Large numbers of doors can be keyed according to which people require access to the area.

Fineline Locksmithing can help you create a properly designed system to minimize maintenance costs.

Testimonial from a Commercial Customer:

If you are looking for a locksmith who can provide prompt service, decent price and know-how, I highly recommend you to give Fineline Locksmithing a try.

My store entrance lock was broken by a burglar, who also caused minor damage on door frame as well. Most locksmiths I phoned next day told me they only fix lock and I need to find other contractor to replace the frame first before they can come in to replace the lock. I am not sure how often the door frame will be intact when a lock was broken by a burglar. And I was very frustrated after talking to a half dozen of locksmiths.

My frustration was disappeared immediately when Curtis picked up my service call. He accommodated my request right away into his busy schedule. Both door frame and lock were fixed perfectly. And he even purchased a special clamp and paid a second visit for this job just to ensure the frame could be fixed properly.

I was very impressed by his professionalism and could not be happier as a customer!

Robin Mao – via Google Reviews

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