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Residential Locksmith – Keep you, your house, and your family safe 

It can be a bit nerve racking to hire someone you don’t know to come to your house. Rest assured that when you hire Fineline Locksmithing you will get an honest and patient tradesman you can trust. Every time you call, you can count on a professional and well equipped tradesperson to show up, take the time to understand your situation, and find a solution. 

Installation – Residential Locksmith 

Lots of older houses don’t have deadbolts and they really should. We can freshly install deadbolts or locksets and most other door hardware.  Keyless entry locks are so convenient it’s hard to believe. No matter what the purpose is, at Fineline Locksmithing we can help you with professional installation and advice so that you can make the right decision when it comes to your home.

Repair and Maintenance

Is your house lock or door causing troubles? Often it is a simple fix to make sure your locks and doors continue to function smoothly. Need weather stripping or new hinges? Give us a call!

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Getting locked out of your house sucks! We do our very best to get you back in in the quickest possible time frame. And if we can’t make it there in a timely manner, then we will recommend other companies.

No more worrying about the keys! Our keyless entry options will make it possible for you to access your home freely and easily.

Need your home rekeyed to different keys, or lost your keys, or bought a new lock and want it keyed to your existing key? We offer rekeying as a mobile service.

It might be time to change your door hardware for better quality and security. Get an honest opinion if it’s better to fix a lock versus replacing it. We recommend certain manufactures (Schlage, and sometime even Weiser).

If you are considering buying or updating the hardware on your house, contact Fineline Locksmithing to get a knowledgeable opinion and high quality installation service.

Do you want to improve your house’s energy efficiency in a cold climate like Edmonton? Fineline Locksmithing offers weather stripping to prevent heat loss in winter time.

residential locksmith services | Fineline Locksmithing


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