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Fineline Locksmithing specializes in making keys for cars and trucks when all keys have been lost.

We cut and program new automotive car keys at your location on site. With our cutting edge programming equipment we are able to offer mobile service for programming transponder (chip) keys, proximity/smart keys (for push button start vehicles), and key fobs. Fineline offers high quality OEM and aftermarket keys and fobs at very competitive prices, usually 15-25% off dealer prices. Check out this article on why transponder keys cost more than regular keys.

Audi/Volkswagen. We can cut and program new keys when all keys have been lost for certain Volkswagen and Audi Models (keyed only, no proximity/smart keys) from 1999-2012 (depending on the exact model). We can duplicate most VW keys up till 2015, if you have a working key already. Please don’t buy keys online for VW/Audi. There are quite a few problems with these keys off the internet.

BMW. We can duplicate extra non-remote head BMW keys if you have a working key already. We don’t program BMW if all keys have been lost. It is possible, but requires manufacturer specific equipment, so best to see the dealer.

Jaguar. We can make keys for older Jaguar vehicle if all keys have been lost. X-type, S-types and a few others. Many Jaguars used Tibbe keys which we can pick and decode in order to make keys. These are expensive cars to make keys for, so get duplicate keys before you loose the last one!

Mercedes. In general Mercedes are dealer only, except some Sprinters.

We can cut and program transponder keys, fobik keys, proximity/smart keys for nearly all domestic vehicles Ford/Linclon, General Motors (Cadillac/Pontiac/Oldsmobile/Chevrolet/GMC/etc…), Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Fiat/Sprinter, and nearly all Japanese brands (Toyota/Lexus/Scion, Honda/Acura, Nissan/Infinity) and Korean brands (Kia, Hyundai).

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Need an extra car key?

From conventional non-electronic car keys to the most modern transponder/chip and proximity keys, Fineline Locksmithing can make you an additional duplicate key for your car or truck
Car Keys, Fobs, Transponders | Cutting, Programming

Get a replacement key Fob!

Fineline Locksmithing can program most domestic (Ford, GM, Chrysler) and many import (Toyota, Honda, Nissan) remote entry key fobs. Aftermarket and OEM options available!
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Bought a Key or Fob online?

No problem. Get it programmed for $150, plus the Mobile Service Charge. Or come by the office!

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Some of the brands of automotive products and equipment we work with and sell.

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