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Rekeying locks or simply replacing them? Which is the best option and why?

The answer to this question depends upon quite a number of factors. And, well only a locksmith can provide you with the right answer to this question. Being seasoned locksmiths we can provide you with the insights of both these options i.e. rekeying locks and replacing them so that you can have a good idea as to what you must choose and why?

Have a look.

Cost factor

While rekeying requires you to simply replace the locking cylinders and continue to use the existing hardware, replacing them would require you to change the entire locking system. Naturally an additional cost will be added. So, rekeying is definitely the cheaper option of the two.

Time factor

Rekeying a lock is much less time consuming when we compare it with replacing it with a new one. In fact, a locksmith can do it in a matter of minutes depending on the lock. On the other hand replacing the old system with a new locking system might take hours even if you have a seasoned locksmith by your side.

Appearance factor

Another thing you might need to consider is that replacing the locks might hamper the look of your doors. For instance, if the new lock is small then it will leave an unpainted area, leaving an unpleasant appearance. And, you might have to spend extra time and money to cover this area.


That explains everything you need to know about both these options and paints a clear picture on rekeying and replacing the locking systems. Based upon what your requirements are, what your pocket size is and all other factors, you can eventually go ahead and take the decision.
No matter if you choose to replace a lock or rekey it, just remember that in both these conditions getting in touch with a professional locksmith is the best idea.

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