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Let’s hit the most important questions first. Is this a good product? Yes. Should you spend hard earned money on it? Yes. If you are looking for Keyless Entry lock for your house in Edmonton this is great choise.

Lock Security- 8/10

The 7102 has a good quality non-adjustable deadbolt, as good as many commercial deadbolts. As with any push button lock the quality of your combination is a big factor in security. If you set the lock to 1-3-5,  you are taking a bit of a risk with someone guessing your combination. The nose is clutched so it can’t be forced. There isn’t a keyed cylinder so it can’t be picked or bumped.

Lock Quality/Reliability/Durability- 9/10

Batteryless operation is one of the best things about this lock. No batteries make it ideal for remote locations that don’t have heat on the inside (sheds, barns, cabins, etc…). The 7102 generally lasts a long time (10 years+) without needing any maintenance. One important consideration with this lock is the lack of a key override. I prefer to install this lock on rooms that have two entrances just in case it ever fails (you can still access the room). That being said, is it among the most durable and reliable products on the market.

Installation ease/Programming- 5/10 (higher is easier)

This lock is more difficult to install. There are 3 additional holes that have to be drilled above the main hole (and they have to be accurate). The templates that come with the lock are good, but you have to pay super careful attention to what handing the door is (it changes the vertical position of the 3 top holes). The bolt is not adjustable either, so you should measure your existing backset before purchasing one of these (and it isn’t available in 5″ backset).

Programming can be confusing if you don’t like reading instructions. The instructions are clear and accurate, but in my experience some people will have problems. Nevertheless, changing the combination takes about 10 seconds once you understand the process.

Lock Cost- $165-$210

It is slightly cheaper than the Schlage BE365, but more than the Kwikset/Weiser products.

I recommend this lock, along with the Schlage BE365, as solid options for residential keyless entry deadbolts.

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