Plymouth Style 626 (Satin Chrome Finish)
Schlage BE365 Plymouth 
626 (Satin Chrome Finish)


So let’s hit the most important thing first. Is this a good product? Yes. Should you buy it? Yes.


Security- 8/10

This lock uses the same deadbolt as the Schalge B560 and B60N which is a good thing. It is a decently strong, adjustable deadbolt, possibly even my favorite of all the residential deadbolts (much better than Weiser/Kwikset, or most of the Asian brands (Taymor, Beaver, Cal-Royal, etc…)). The cylinder is a good quality 5 pin brass Schlage cylinder. The nose is clutched (meaning it spins freely except when the correct combination is entered) and can’t be easily forced.

Quality/Reliability/Durability- 9/10

Schlage did a good job with this deadbolt. It operates smoothly, stands up to Canadian winters, and nothing about it is a let down. The batteries last 1-2 years (batteries at room temperature), and if they ever die or if anything fails about the lock you can always use the mechanical key override.

Installation ease/Programming- 8/10

This lock requires a 2 1/8″ hole. Many doors have other size holes and will have to be drilled out. The deadbolt is adjustable between 2 3/8 and 2 3/4 backset so you are probably OK there (unless your door is 5″ backset, then you have to use a B660 5″ bolt). It doesn’t require any extra holes drilled (super easy to install if you have a 2 1/8″ hole). Programming is pretty easy

Cost- $175-$225

It is priced slightly higher than the Simplex deadbolt.

All in this is one of my favorite keyless entry deadbolts.

See the manufactures website here.

Curtis Taitinger

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